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Pool Blend 2021

Cinsault 80% - Pais 10% - Marsanne 5% -

Roussanne 5%


13.5% Alcohol PH 3.5


Colchagua Valley 

(although we're not officially allowed to tell you where it's from)

The Cinsault, Marsanne and Roussanne for this wine come from our own, organically farmed vineyard, and the Pais is from 150 year-old vines about 20 minutes away from us. We farm and manage this vineyard ourselves, helping the owner produce high-quality grapes that he can sell for a premium. We are the only producers of Cinsault in our valley and one of just 7 or 8 producers of Pais here. There's so little of these varieties that the authorities don't recognise them, so we can name the variety on the label but we're not allowed to name the valley. Bureaucracy, eh?!

All the work is done by myself (Matt) and our part-time worker Juan. Every now and again we'll get a couple more people in to help out with specific tasks on the weekend, and for harvest we always have a crew of people from both Chile and overseas! This is small-scale, old-school, hands-on viticulture and winemaking. We're not a huge, faceless operation: We grow the grapes, we make the wine and we label the bottles by hand. 

The label for this wine is a photo of me and my wife, Ana, sitting by the swimming pool in our mini-hotel. A friend took the photo and we loved it so much we decided to immortalise it! 


The idea behind this wine was to produce a really fruity, easy-drinking wine, but at the same time a wine with depth and character. It's a wine that's unpretentious, easy to understand and easy to simply just crack open and enjoy. It's what wine should be.


Ethics & Sustainability

All electricity used in the vineyard & winery is 100% solar generated by our 10kw solar plant.


We don't use any herbicides in the vineyard (screw you, Monsanto!) and only use organic pest control in the vineyard.


We pay fair wages significantly above the minimum and also above industry average.


We plant native trees wherever we can on the property (400+ and counting!).


We make wine to raise money for the local volunteer fire department.

We genuinely try to be as sustainable, ethical and ecological as possible. Everyone has a footprint, but we try to reduce ours in any way we can.

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