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All electricity used in the vineyard & winery is 100% solar generated by our 10kw solar plant. We don't use any herbicides in the vineyard (screw you, Monsanto!) and only use organic pest control in the vineyard.


We pay fair wages significantly above the minimum and above industry average.


We plant native trees wherever we can on the property (400+ and counting!).


We make wine to raise money for the local volunteer fire department.

We genuinely try to be as sustainable, ethical and ecological as possible. Everyone has a footprint, but we try to reduce ours in any way we can.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

The grapes for this wine come from a seriously marginal site for Cabernet Sauvignon, high in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. The altitude plays an important role in how the grapes ripen, with the increased UV helping to fix more colour and increase the tannins that will help this wine age gracefully for many years.

This is not your typical over-ripe, over-oaked and over-cooked Chilean juice-bomb Cab Sav. This is an elegant wine that resembles Cabernet Sauvignon from the 1980s and early 90s, before a certain wine critic convinced the wine world to make boring oaky jam with super high alcohol. This is a wine that invites that second glass.


It's a little lighter than your usual Chilean Cab Sav- but it is structured, with some serious fruit and tannins that will help this wine age for years. We definitely recommend decanting or at least uncorking a little while before drinking to let the wine breathe and open up. It's worth that tiny extra hassle!

2019 was a ridiculously hot year with January temperatures hitting 40C/104F on several occasions in the valley. But at this vineyard, the temperatures never went above 30C/86F. The grapes matured more than they usually do, but we managed to pick at perfect ripeness, with an acohol level of 13.5%

This is a stunning vineyard and the adventure for us is making wine from such a marginal site.

This is the perfect wine to accompany steak, lamb and stews. It also goes incredibly well with mushrooms and cheeses. Serve around 18C- that's around 20 minutes in the fridge before drinking.

91 points from Tim Atkin (UK)

91 points from Robert Parker's Wine Advocate 

13.5% alcohol
100% Flextank, zero oak

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