Matt Ridgway

The Englishman

How I became a winemaker is one of the mysteries of the universe. Did I ever want to have a vineyard? No... Did I ever want to make wine? Nope...

But I am...after discovering my great passion in life (sorry Anita). I love what I do: I love vineyard work, and I love producing wines. Making wine changed my life, and it changed my perception on life. I used to get bored quickly, and after a couple of years in a place I needed to move on. Now, I measure time in years, instead of months. Wine has taught me that life should be lived slowly, nothing is to be gained in rushing around. The best things in life take time. 

Ana Cattan

La Chilena

Wine? I love...drinking it! Making it... well that's Matt's job. Every madman has his thing, as we say here in Chile! I'm the person behind the scenes, keeping everything ticking over, and I'm also the designer of our accommodation. I am as passionate about interior decoration as Matt is about wine. This is a team project. I'm not from the countryside and it's taken me a while to get used to living here, but now I love it. Life here has given me the time to learn new things (I can cook now!) and dedicate time to my other passion: jewelry!


The A-Team


Our Vineyards

We are proudly Colchagüino...all our wines are made from grapes from only the Colchagua Valley. We'll never make wines from another valley!

We get our grapes for our classic Rhône-blend from our own, organic, vineyard here in Santa Ana. In 2013, we planted the classic Rhône varieties of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre. We have always (and we always will) co-ferment our grapes when we make our wine, old-school style. In 2016 we planted a small vineyard with Marselan, which forms a part of our 2019 Field Blend. And in 2017 we planted some Roussanne (white) and Cinsault, both of which form part of our 2020 Field Blend. We also have Marsanne and Viognier, two other classic white Rhône varietals, which will start producing in 2020. And finally, we'll get our first harvest of Sangiovese in 2021!!


Our Cabernet Sauvignon comes from grapes from the Colchagüino foothills of the Andes, from a friend's biodynamic vineyard, where altitude (800m) plays an important role in producing high quality grapes, but fresher and more elegant than the typical Cabernet Sauvignon from the Central Valley.


Finally, our Pais (Mission) comes from a historic vineyard in Pumanque. It's truly amazing, a real piece of history, with vines of around 150 years old. There are very few hectares of Pais left in Colchagua ... in fact, according to SAG, Pais does not exist in Colchagua, and that is why we cannot put 'Pais' and 'Colchagua' on the wine label! That is why we came up with the name 'Cold Shower Wines' !! Say it out loud!

Santa Ana



The Real Owners








And Kelo...

When you come to visit us, it's us you'll meet!

Everything that is done here, we do it ourselves. We are not a faceless corporation, we are a team of people who love what we do. And we'll happily show you our project that we love so much!


So we look forward to seeing you soon!!

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