• Las Sobras

  • Grape Variety: Who knows and who cares?!

  • Year: 2019

  • Vineyard: Various, Colchagua

  • Every winery produces more wine than they need, to ensure there’s wine available for topping up barrels and tanks. This is the wine that was leftover (Las Sobras in Spanish)- about 2.5 barrels worth. We don’t say what’s in it as we don’t know the exact blend (we have a rough idea of the varieties but are genuinely not 100% sure)! So, just sit back and enjoy this red blend, and don’t worry about what’s in it, like they’ve been doing for decades in Europe!

  • Price: 1 bottle: $12.500, 2 bottles: $24.000, 3 bottles: $30.000, 4 bottles: $39.000, 5 bottles: $47.000, 6 bottles: $54.000

  • Prices include delivery to the majority of Comunas in Santiago. Delivery to Regiones via Varmontt not included.

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