• Mission:Impaissible

  • Grape Variety: País (Mission)

  • Year: 2019

  • Vineyard: Pumanque, Colchagua


  • A Pais from a 150 year old vineyard in Pumanque, one of the very few ancient vineyards left in the Colchagua Valley. Pais from Colchagua is very different to Pais from the traditional areas of production (Maule, Itata etc), much more concentrated, more fruit, and higher alcohol. This is what Pais tastes like when it matures properly. Our favourite weekday wine- it’s just straight up gluggable!

  • Price: 1 bottle: $12.500, 2 bottles: $24.000, 3 bottles: $30.000, 4 bottles: $39.000, 5 bottles: $47.000, 6 bottles: $54.000

  • Prices include delivery to the majority of Comunas in Santiago. Delivery to Regiones via Varmontt not included.

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