• The Fizz

  • Grape Variety: País (Mission)

  • Year: 2019

  • Vineyard: Pumanque, Colchagua

  • Col Fondo style, which produces a "Frizzante", or lightly sparkling. Click here to learn more about this style of wine!


  • A Blanc de Noir of Pais from a 150 year old vineyard in Pumanque (one of the very few ancient Pais vineyards left in the Colchagua Valley). Made in the ancestral style of Prosecco called “Col Fondo”, the second fermentation (using native yeasts leftover from the initial fermentation) occurs in bottle but with less sugar added to the base wine, creating a “vino frizzante”, or lightly sparkling wine. There is no disgorgement of the lees, hence the name Col Fondo (Con il Fondo). The sediment can be left to decant to the bottom of the bottle, or mixed in with the wine. The base wine was fermented in used barrels using native yeasts and spent 8 months aging before bottling.

  • Price: 1 bottle: $12.500, 2 bottles: $24.000, 3 bottles: $30.000, 4 bottles: $39.000, 5 bottles: $47.000, 6 bottles: $54.000

  • To purchase, please email pedidos@ladespensaboutique.com

  • Prices include delivery to the majority of Comunas in Santiago. Delivery to Regiones via Varmontt not included.

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